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Essential Oils

IN THE TIMES BEFORE WE had "prescription drugs," the annals of history, medical texts, and religious texts were filled with uses and praises for herbs, plants, and oils for their healing properties. Historically the properties of plants, herbs, and their oils were seen as highly effective against various things that invade and disturbs the bodies natural process.

Historically, the Consensus was that the Most Powerful Means
to Healing Comes Directly From the Earth.

The healers before the introduction of chemical drugs knew this...animals know this...even those who now produce chemical drugs know this as they try to duplicate the healing properties found in plants, herbs, and their oils.

The Practice of Using Essential Oils Was Used for
Thousands of Years Before the 20th Century.

In our present time, essential oils are again making a come back as many look for alternatives to the high cost of healthcare and the changes in the healthcare system.

Why Are Essential Oils Making a Come Back?

Many who use essential oils are convinced of their ability in supporting the body to heal itself. They have experienced renewed energy, an all night sleep, calmness, soothing of aches and pains, and much, much more.

Research has shown that essential oils quickly permeate the cell walls to remove toxins and add valuable nutrition. This cleanses the receptor sites of the cells and helps to restore balance to the body.

Essential Oils Are Not the Same

Just because essential oil is tagged to the name doesn't make it a pure essential oil. Some "essential" oils are made for a nice perfume smell or for food for the taste buds. In doing this, many beneficial properties are left out. However, in pure, therapeutic essential oils all of the compounds are used to obtain their maximum benefit.

We have used a couple of different oil companies in the past before settling down to the one we now use.

Purchasing Your Own Essential Oils

To  get started with essential oils, contact us for information in one of three ways:

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3.  Contact our Essential Oils Consultant on how you can have her teach a class or seminar on Essential Oils and their uses over the centuries.

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