Using the EDS 2000 we measure the flow of electrical energy running through the body. This scan identifies blockages in the energy flow caused by malfunctioning cells. When cells stop functioning as they should, the EDS 2000 identifies the dominant malfunctions. When the dominant cellular breakdown has been corrected it then works on the next dominant malfunction. This process is much like the peeling of an onion until the final layer has been removed and the cells are free of obstruction and the electrical energy of the person is able to function without hindrance.

The majority of those coming to us have not responded to traditional or even natural approaches to restoring health. This is because the focus has not been on the electrical energy (bioenergetics) field within the body. It is this electrical field that controls the physical body. When it is hindered by toxins or lack of nutrition to flow through the body unhindered, inflammation and degeneration of the cells are the result.

Fee: $150.00 (fees do not include cost of supplements)

      full body 40 point meridian scan

The nutritional scan takes the guesswork out of knowing what  vitamins, minerals, enzymes, supplements, etc. that your body needs. Once identified we then recommend specific high quality supplements to assist your body in healing itself and reaching its ideal balance.

Fee: $60.00

Helps you to identify what essential oil is best for your body at the time of the scan. A customized oil screening to match your energy frequency with that of an oil with similar frequencies.  Some would say a match made in heaven.

Fee: $40.00

Bach Flowers are used to help the body deal with various emotional issues such as fear, uncertainty, lack of interest, loneliness, oversensitivity, sadness, despair, and a host of other emotions.

After completing a questionnaire, you then set down with our Bach Flower Consultant to identify the Flower Remedy best suited for you.

Fee: $30.00

We have supported many pet owners with their dogs, cats, horses, goats. They are no different than we are in that they are made up of cells, organs, and tissues which can affect the electrical energy flow running through their bodies.

Fee: $40.00

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