Returning Client

(for clients sending hair by mail)

1.  CUT a few hairs from the nape of your neck
(click here for picture)

2 - PLACE hair in a sandwich bag. Write or tape your name and date on the baggie

3 - MAIL Hair to:
    C-Life, Inc.
    265 Shoaf Rd.
    Smithfield, PA 15478

AFTER MAILING HAIR, allow 1-3 weeks to hear back from us.
If you do not hear back, please call or email. You will receive supplements and guidelines for taking them.


A. When you receive your supplements, instructions will be included as to when to mail your next hair sample. You should be scanned every four (4) or eight (8) weeks in order to move forward efficiently.

B. When mailing your next monthly scan, always include a copy of your last Remedy Guideline form. On the back list the symptoms you are still having and any improvements you have noticed (no matter how small).

C. When HOMEOPATHIC remedies are 1/3 full, add distilled or reverse osmosis water and fill the bottle. Success 100 times. This will extend the life of the homeopathic remedy. This can only be done one (1) time. A second time would change the remedy too much.

D.  If the supplement is your custom emotional remedy, please add SPRING WATER instead of distilled or purified water when it gets down to 1/3 full, then success 100 times.

  C-Life, Inc.